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    Pine Island Lumber was founded in 1989 by Craig Ritter and Bob Doll. The next generation of owners, Greg Haman, Kory Matthees and Paul Frigaard took over ownership in 2013. Greg brought 24 years of knowledge in the wholesale and retail lumber industry . Kory brought 17 years of retail lumber and design knowledge. Paul contributes 14 years of retail lumber experience.

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    We serve clients throughout the region and often hear, “Everything in my house is from Pine Island Lumber.” Whether you seek cabinets, flooring, decks or an entire exterior, our top-notch crew is ready to assist. We offer a full fleet of trucks, competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff for all your lumber needs.

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    Building Tip

    Thinking of adding a deck onto your home? Decks provide a valuable outdoor living space for your family. Before starting your project, plan carefully and consider what materials you’d like to use, the size of the deck you want and whether you need to include built-in features such as electricity, a sink or partial covering. Our maintenance-free decking materials, including our Trex line, are ideal for homeowners in our region.